How to Seal Air Leaks in Your Home

March 3 by
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The Energy Star website has a thorough 13-page do-it-yourself brochure available with detailed guidance on how to seal up air leaks in the attic and basement.  This makes for a nice project to tackle at this time of year since you can work inside your home, help make your home more comfortable during the winter, and attempt to reduce your utility bills.

The guide covers topics which include using foam and caulk for small gaps in the attic, sealing the attic hatch or door, sealing heating and cooling ducts, insulating recessed “can” lights, and adding attic insulation.

Keep in mind that your expenses on insulation and products that seal air such as weather stripping, spray foam in a can, and caulk designed to seal air may be eligible for a federal tax credit that expires on December 31, 2010.  See the Energy Star webpage for tax credits for more information.

Each Wednesday we highlight an energy savings tip to help Milwaukee area consumers try to reduce their utility bill. Follow this link to see all of our previous energy savings tips.


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