Megabus From Milwaukee To Chicago and Minneapolis $1

February 20 by
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Megabus started offering transportation from Milwaukee to Chicago and Minneapolis a couple of years ago.  It can be a great deal if you book far enough in advance.  The first 2 seats on the bus are sold for $1 (plus $0.50 service charge).  From there, the prices increase as more seats are sold and the date of travel comes closer.  If you know your travel plans far enough in advance, you can get a really good deal.  Recently some family members traveled from Milwaukee to Minneapolis for $1.  It is pretty hard to beat that.

Megabus is offers no frills service, although they do show movies and some buses offer free WiFi.  Reservations must be made in advance on the internet or over the phone.  If you make your reservations over the phone, they charge an additional service fee.  For more information, check out the Megabus website.


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