Wisconsin State Fair Carry-In Policy

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Did you know that the Wisconsin State Fair carry-in policy is very generous and allows you to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the Fair?

While most people probably don’t want to carry-in their own food and drink because they prefer to sample some of the fantastic food and beverages at the fair, it is a nice option to have.

My family went to the Fair on Sunday and we brought a small soft cooler with five water bottles.  I will admit it was kind of annoying carrying the cooler around all day.  Although I may have saved us from buying a round of drinks, I probably didn’t save any money because I just spent more on food!

If you have other questions about Wisconsin State Fair carry-in policy or other State Fair policies, visit the FAQ page on the Wisconsin State Fair website.

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Crazy Grazin’ Day at the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair

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Tuesday, August 7th is Crazy Grazin’ Day at the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair. As a part of this annual promotion, there are several vendors offering reduced prices on popular food items. Select Crazy Grazin’ Day food items will be available at over 60 participating food vendors from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Vendors with offers will have Crazy Grazin’ posters displayed in the windows of their location.

Some good deals we like on the list include:

  • Cedar Crest Ice Cream – Sugar Cone for $2
  • Sprecher Everything & Sprecher Landing – Sprecher Soda Flavored Sorbet for $1
  • Wisconsin Honey Producers – Honey Lemonade for $2
  • Usinger’s – Frankfurter for $2

To see a list of all the items being offered, check out the Crazy Grazin’ Day page on the State Fair website. Brochures are also available at the Fair’s Information Centers.

Tuesday is also Kohl’s Family Value Day. From 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. adults will receive admission for the youth price of $5 (a $4 savings), and youth ages 11 and under will receive free admission!

For more Fair food deals, check out our post Top 5 Food Deals at the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair.

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Top 5 Food Deals at the Wisconsin State Fair

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There is almost no end to the food choices at the Wisconsin State Fair. Hundreds of food vendors offer everything you can imagine from old standbys like corn on the cob and cream puffs, to unique food items like duck fajitas and deep-fried s’mores on a stick.

I visited the Fair on Opening Day with a mission to find the top food deals. There are lots of food deals, but this list represents my Top 5 Food Deals of the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair.

1.  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from the Real Wisconsin Cheese Grill

The Real Wisconsin Cheese Grill is located in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion and offers grilled cheese sandwiches with your choice of cheddar or Swiss cheese. The grilled cheese sandwiches are priced at $2 each, or three for $5. The value and quality of these sandwiches isn’t a secret, so expect a long line which typically moves quickly.

2. Cedar Crest Ice Cream Sundaes

Cedar Crest offers ice cream cones and sundaes at their location inside the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. Cedar Crest has sixteen different ice cream flavors available. A huge two-scoop waffle cone is available for only $3.50. The best value however, are the sundaes. The regular price of these gigantic sundaes is $5, which isn’t a bad price considering how big they are. To make it a great deal, use the coupon found in the Fair Deals Bargain Book to save $1.50.

(Special thank you to the nice lady who let me take a picture of her gigantic sundae.)

3. Wisconsin State Fair Souvenir Cup

The State Fair is offering a new souvenir cup in 2012. The 32-ounce cup costs $5 and comes filled with your choice of Coca-Cola products. Refills are available for just $2. The Wisconsin State Fair Souvenir Cups are available at over 100 different food vendors. Even the Root Beer Barrels that sold their own refillable cup for several years are offering the Wisconsin State Fair Souvenir cup this year. To find a participating vendor, look for the Wisconsin State Fair Souvenir Cup posters throughout the fairgrounds.

4. Freebies Throughout the Fair

If you keep your eyes open, there are lots of free samples throughout the State Fair. The Big Backyard area (just west of the Original Cream Puff Pavilion) has several freebies available. I was able to find free Mello Yello, free potato salad and ham and turkey rolls at the Kansas City Barbeque Society tent, and free Leinenkugel’s beer samples! (Apparently the free Leine’s was a one-day special). Vendors inside the Exposition Center and Wisconsin Products Pavilion offer free samples of cheese, chocolate and other products. Even if they don’t advertise a free sample, ask for one if you’re thinking about buying.

Loading up on free samples might seem like a cheapskate’s way to enjoy the Fair, but they will help curb your appetite and save money!

5. Flavored Milk from Herb’s Superb Milk House

The flavored milk from Herb Kohl’s “Herb’s Superb Milk House” is my favorite State Fair food. The milk is ice cold and priced at just 25-cents per cup. There are five varieties of flavored milk to chose from – banana, strawberry, cherry vanilla, chocolate, and root beer. The best flavor by far is root beer, which tastes like a root beer float. There is almost always at long line at Herb’s Superb Milk House, however the line typically moves fast, and even a 15-minute wait to enjoy the milk is worth it!

So, what do you think?

What are some of your favorite State Fair food deals?  Please leave a comment and let me know what else I should check out!

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