Milwaukee Area Pumpkin Price Comparison List

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From pumpkin patches to big box discount retailers like Walmart, there are so many places where you can buy pumpkins in the Milwaukee area.  Prices for pumpkins are just as diverse!  Pumpkins from large retailers are typically cheaper than those from pumpkin farms.  Of course buying your pumpkin at Aldi doesn’t offer the same experience as buying it at a pumpkin patch.  What kind of pumpkin buyer are you?  Does the experience of a pumpkin patch justify the higher cost?

Here’s a list of prices we’ve seen at popular pumpkin patches and big-name retailers around town (note that prices may change and may vary from store to store within the same chain):

Aldi – $2.49 each

Apple Holler (Sturtevant) – $0.49 per pound

Basse’s Country Delight (Muskego) – Individually priced $1-$8 each

The Elegant Farmer – Priced by size, extra large pumpkins $12; large pumpkins $8; medium pumpkins $5

The Family Farm (Grafton) – $0.37 per pound

Pick ‘n Save – Large pumpkins $4.99; medium pumpkins $3.99; small pumpkins $2.99;  mini-pumpkins 10 for $10

Prospect Hill (New Berlin) – $0.37 per pound

Sam’s Club – Jumbo pumpkins for $8.98

Swan’s Pumpkin Farm (Franksville) – $0.26 per pound

Steins – Three pumpkins for $10

Walgreens – Two large pumpkins for $7

Walmart – Large pumpkins for $2.49

You can also get some great deals on pumpkins from farmers that set up pumpkin stands on the side of the road.  One of our Facebook followers, Peggy, shared a great deal that she found:

“I bought pumpkins out of a wagon cart on the corner of Good Hope and Town Hall Road.  They are $2 each.  Good deal and great pumpkins.”

Have you already bought your pumpkins?  How much did you pay?  Please leave a comment and let us know!

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