24 Days of Giveaways – AJ Bombers

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Today’s giveaway in our 24 Days of Holiday Giveaways is a $25 gift cards to AJ Bombers! Two lucky winners will each receive an AJ Bombers gift card.

In 2010 AJ Bombers was featured on the Travel Channel’s Food Wars.  AJ Bombers created a bacon cheeseburger to compete against a similar burger from Sobelman’s.  The Food Wars judges unanimously chose the AJ Bombers burger and declared Bombers The Food Wars Champion.

The winning Food Wars burger, The Milwaukee Burger, is now featured on their menu.  AJ Bombers has several other unique burger selections including the Barrie Burger (bacon, cheese and peanut butter), and the Bomber Burger (cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a stuffed mushroom on top).  Check out the AJ Bombers website for their full menu.

For details on how to enter today’s giveaway for a $25 gift card to AJ Bombers, visit our 24 Days of Holiday Giveaways page.

How to Get a Free Burger at AJ Bombers

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Visit the AJ Bombers website, join the AJ Bombers Rewards Club email list, and you’ll receive a free side of sweet potato chips, hand cut fries, or a soda of your choice.  Or, if you bring two or more friends on your next visit, AJ Bombers will give you a free burger!  After you join you’ll receive an email to print in its entirety.  Bring it along with you to your next visit to AJ Bombers and get your free grub!

AJ Bombers opened in 2009 and quickly became one of the most popular choices for a burger in Milwaukee.  Travel Channel’s Food Wars came to Milwaukee in 2010 and pitted AJ Bombers against Sobelman’s to determine who has Milwaukee’s best cheeseburger.  AJ Bombers ended up taking the title.

AJ Bombers has continued to create new mouthwatering burgers as evidenced by their new Beastmode Burger.  To celebrate the Brewers postseason success, this burger contains a double burger, cheese x4, bacon x4, sriracha, and, of course, stadium sauce.

AJ Bombers is located at 1241 N. Water St. in Milwaukee and recently opened a new location in Madison at 201 W. Gorham St.

Special Offers Around Milwaukee on Foursquare

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Foursquare, a rapidly growing social networking site, is also a way to find special offers at businesses around the Milwaukee area.  We’ve been keeping our eye out for special offers and have found a few detailed below.  If you know of any others, please leave a comment.  A more detailed explanation of what Foursquare is and how it works can be found below.

Milwaukee Public Museum – Unlimited free general admission for the Mayor and a guest, and 20% off originally priced items in the gift shop.

Bacchus - Free Spinach Risotto Fritter Appetizer on your third Check-in.

Ferch’s Malt Shoppe – Free Burger or Frozen Marble Top Cone for the Mayor upon their 10th Check-in.

Wine Cellar of Wisconsin – Leave a Tip on Foursquare and receive a free 6-bottle wine tote.

Blu (at the Pfister hotel) – Check in and show your server/bartender and receive a free item off the small plates menu.  Valid for your first check in only.

AJ Bombers- Get a free Pnut bomb (Pnut bombs are actually free for everyone who visits AJ Bombers!) If you dethrone the Mayor, you receive a free burger.  Add a Tip or a To-Do and you’ll receive a free cookie.

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare states they are a “cross between a friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game that rewards you for doing interesting things.  We aim to build things to not only help you keep up with the places your friends go, but that encourage you to discover new places and challenge you to explore your neighborhood in new ways.”

How does Foursquare work?

Users “Check-in” at a location by using their smartphone or sending a text from their cell phone.  After checking in, Foursquare awards points and occasional “Badges” to users.  If a user has checked-in to a location more than anyone else, they will become Mayor of that location.  Users can also share “Tips” with other users, and create “To-Dos” as suggestions for yourself. 

AJ Bombers vs. Sobelmans – Which is a Better Value?

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There is a lot of buzz going around Milwaukee this week since the Travel Channel is in town to film an episode of Food Wars.  The episode they are filming will focus on two popular Milwaukee burger joints – Sobelmans and AJ Bombers.  Sobelmans has been known for their excellent burgers for years.  AJ Bombers hopes to dethrone Sobelmans and claim the title of Milwaukee’s Best Burger.  The excitement has been fueled by some friendly trash-talking between Joe Sorge, who owns AJ Bombers, and Dave Sobelman.

There is no denying that both AJ Bombers and Sobelmans have awesome burgers.  We’re not going to try to declare one better than the other.  We’ll let the panel of judges from Food Wars make that determination.  So, we’ll stick to asking a question that we’re good at: Which burger joint offers diners a better value?

Sobelmans opened its doors in 1999 and quickly became famous for their burgers.  The signature Sobelman-Burger consists of a 1/3 pound Black Angus beef patty topped with cheddar, Swiss and American cheese, bacon, and a mixture of fried onions and jalapeno peppers.  The burger is served with french fries and costs $7.25.
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