Use Ooma to Save on Your Home Phone Bill

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Consumer advocate Clark Howard recently wrote that Consumer Reports rated as the best home phone service, beating AT&T and Verizon by a large margin.

What is Ooma, you ask?  The Ooma is a device used with your high speed internet connection and existing home phone.  The product is gaining popularity because all calls in the U.S. are basically free.  All you need to pay is applicable fees and taxes.  For a Milwaukee area zip code we tried (53202) the monthly taxes and fees are currently $3.47.

Howard writes that the quality of of the phone calls is better and clearer with Ooma as compared to a traditional phone company.

Ooma is available for purchase at brick and mortar stores like Best Buy and Costco. Or, you can purchase an Ooma online.  Ooma devices range from $220 to $250 on the Ooma website.  However, if you visit, you can purchase an Ooma Telo device for $197.99.

Have you tried Ooma out?  If so, would you recommend it to others?  Please share your experience!


2 Comments on Use Ooma to Save on Your Home Phone Bill

  1. emphasize on Wed, 27th Apr 2011 4:11 PM

    but with AT&T’s new bandwidth caps is this a feasible option?

  2. Milwaukee Consumer on Wed, 27th Apr 2011 7:15 PM

    You bring up a great point. Many internet service providers are considering or already have implemented bandwidth caps. This is certainly an aspect that should be reviewed when researching if Ooma, or any other VoIP product, is right for you.

    One of our readers pointed out on Facebook that she purchased Ooma at Costco because she knew Costco has an excellent return policy.

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