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mr-tThanks to the high price of gold and consumers looking to raise cash, sales of gold to jewelers is a hot trend. With gold selling close to $900 an ounce right now, it may be wise to consider selling your unwanted gold pieces.  Just the other day Richard Kessler of Kessler Diamonds was on a commercial on 94.5 Lake FM advertising his services to purchase gold jewelery. Robert Haack Diamonds has a billboard just west of the Marquette Interchange that advertises they’ll buy gold and diamonds.  Mr. Kessler or Mr. Haack would probably love to see someone like Mr. T (pictured here) walk in their store to sell all of his gold chains!

While there are a lot of online businesses that you can sell your jewelery to, it is probably best to deal with a local business. The Consumerist ran a great piece last fall about a customer receiving a really low bid on their jewelry from Then when the customer posted a blog entry about their experience, Cash4Gold allegedly sent them an offer for several thousand dollars in exchange for removal of the blog post (and no, they didn’t accept the cash…the Cockeyed website is currently the fourth result when searching for on Google!)

Consumer Reports also suggests dealing with a local jeweler for an initial estimate and then calling around to other jewelers to get top dollar. The Consumer Reports article also includes a link to an online calculator to help you value your gold pieces.

If you’d rather have a little more fun while selling your jewelery, perhaps you would want to hold out for an invite to a gold selling party to sell your unwanted bling.  Boing Boing references an article in the LA Times about the trend of gold selling parties, and even gives an example of one woman walking away with a check for $1,836.88!


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  1. Aqua Owl Gold on Sat, 14th Mar 2009 9:30 AM

    This is definitely crazy time with respect to gold. It seems like everyone is getting on the bus. We started a home party gold business last October because of these high prices and the financial stress we were being put under. When we started the business we wanted to make sure that we were paying fairly so we made it our objective to make sure we are. We routinely check our prices against jewelers, gold buyers, and pawn shops to make sure we are paying top dollar. Please check out our website, people are having a great time with these parties.

  2. Suzanna on Fri, 20th Mar 2009 2:36 PM

    ACtually, I never had luck with pawn shops or jewelers because they do not pay enough. The parties are ok, but the host gets a cut and you get less. I looked all over the internet to find a better deal and most places will not tell you what they pay. Finally I tried the Silver and Gold Exchange. They post live prices they pay right on their site. I tried them and was very satisfied and did not feel gyped at all. They are at if you are interested.

  3. Bret on Thu, 13th Aug 2009 8:25 PM

    I stumbled across this website and saw my store name. I just want to say that YOU MUST SHOP YOUR JEWELRY AROUND. Our store has a very good reputaion for paying fairly, but we will always tell you to shop it around, as you are the consumer, and we want to do the best for you! And, if we make you are offer and you want more, or got another offer, just let us know. My employees will ask me if I can beat the deal, especially if it is something we can resell. We do pay for diamonds and antique jewelry too. We have been featured on the news and again, we tell you to shop your jewelry around. Not everyone pays the same. I also would NEVER EVER trust cash in the mail. Yes, shipping your gold is shipping cash. Prove that you had gold in your package. You can’t. Don’t mail in your gold. Keep your business local. In doubt, bring it on in. We will sit with you, face to face in a relaxed atmosphere. We are located at 7530 W. Layton Ave; Greenfield, WI 53220. 414-281-0500.

    Thank you.


  4. Sandy C. on Sun, 23rd May 2010 8:57 PM

    We looked around to see were fair prices for gold in our area… then a friend from Racine told us that she had a good experience throwing a VIP Gold Party. I knew a few of my friends also had old gold jewelry they were thinking cashing in, so instead of just selling our gold to someone, we decided to host a gold party in our home. The night of the event, all our friends had a nice time, they sold their gold for really great prices, and we made a 10% cash commission! It’s definitely good to do some research, but we’d recommend VIP Gold Party to anyone who’s considering it.

  5. Sandy C. on Sun, 23rd May 2010 8:59 PM

    sorry I forgot to include their website:

    take care! Sandy

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