Trader Joe’s in Brookfield Opens November 5

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The new Trader Joe’s in Brookfield is scheduled to open on Monday, November 5th!  The Brookfield Trader Joe’s joins the Bayshore location as the second store in the Milwaukee area.

If you’ve never shopped at a Trader Joe’s before, you’re in for a treat.  Trader Joe’s features a unique selection with a slight focus on healthy and organic food items. Trader Joe’s follows a similar business model as Aldi – small stores with mostly private label items. You won’t find Cheerios at Trader Joe’s, but you will find Joe’s O’s!

The Trader Joe’s in Brookfield is located at 12725 W. Bluemound Road in the Underwood Crossing shopping center adjacent to Target. The store was originally scheduled to open on November 2, however the official opening has been pushed back to November 5.  As a part of the opening, Trader Joe’s will feature live music, specials, and free samples.

Are you excited to shop at the new Trader Joe’s?  Please leave a comment and let us know!


12 Comments on Trader Joe’s in Brookfield Opens November 5

  1. Franklin resident on Wed, 31st Oct 2012 5:47 PM

    Would be more excited if they would bring one to Franklin. Anything would be nice in Franklin but our city government is stuck in the past.

  2. Milwaukee Consumer on Wed, 31st Oct 2012 8:43 PM

    Franklin resident – I agree…Trader Joe’s would certainly be a nice addition to the south suburbs. You’ve got a GFS Marketplace now in Franklin, and hopefully a Meijer will be coming soon if your City government approves it.

  3. Edie S. on Wed, 31st Oct 2012 7:57 PM

    I am happy to see another Trader Joe open in this area. I live in Waukesha so this is somewhat closer 🙂

  4. Carla on Thu, 1st Nov 2012 4:11 PM

    So excited! Bayshore is a bit of a hike from where we live in West Allis… but this location is just up the street from us!!! I can’t wait til Monday!

  5. twitch on Fri, 2nd Nov 2012 11:28 AM

    Id be way more excited if they d open one in the city!

  6. Julia Harnischmacher on Fri, 2nd Nov 2012 3:22 PM

    Here I come, I am sooo jazzed that you are opening close to my house. GREAT wine, beautiful flowers, yummy food. Plus your employee’s are always kind and helpful. What more can a girl want?
    This is a big plus to my neighborhood 🙂 Hurry up and open-PLEASE

  7. Milwaukee Consumer on Fri, 2nd Nov 2012 3:53 PM

    Just a couple more days Julia!

  8. sandra banda on Sat, 3rd Nov 2012 11:17 AM

    I love Trader Joe’s, I will shop there, I live in Watertown so this is closer than Bayshore. I wish there was one in Oconomowoc. They have very good prices and unusual items and delicious yummy food. Can’t wait

  9. Roz on Sun, 4th Nov 2012 9:16 AM

    Very excited for Trader Joes to open.

  10. Mama Rad on Sat, 10th Nov 2012 7:08 AM

    What is everyone’s favorite items at Trader Joe’s? I was shopping there yesterday and loved it. I would just like to know what they are known for and what is delicious. I did get a bottle of $3buck Chuck and it is delish!!

  11. Dededumdum on Tue, 13th Nov 2012 7:34 PM

    Very Happy it is getting closer. We live in the Lake County area and Bay Shore was a trip, but worth it for Trader Joe’s. Would be happy if one would open in Hartland or Oconomowoc, Lots of people out here that would be very happy too.

  12. Sandie on Wed, 5th Dec 2012 5:26 PM

    So glad you opened a store in Brookfield, much closer than Bayshore. I do alot of shopping at Trader Joes now i will shop more often. Thank You for this new location..

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