Cash For Clunkers at Milwaukee Area Car Dealers?

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flickr-dave_7Thinking about buying a new car soon?  We suggest you watch Congress to see if they pass a Cash-For-Clunkers bill. recently reported that backers of a Cash-For-Clunkers bill want to speed the measure through Congress when they return from their recess this week.  The bill might result in consumers receiving vouchers for up to $5,000 when trading in vehicles from 2001 or earlier in order to purchase a new car.  For more details on the issues Congress is looking at, read the Bloomberg article.  We’ll post more if Congress acts on this idea. 


Steven Levitt, one of the authors of popular book Freakonomics, believes that a Cash-For-Clunkers program would be a bad idea.  Read his thoughts on his Freakonomics blog.

And since it’s Earth Day, it’s only appropriate that we include a link to a story by the Christian Science Monitor that examines some environmental issues associated with a Cash-For-Clunkers program. 


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